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Mr c. s laturkar

My daughter recommended for homoeopathic medicine and to be honest I had never had faith on the same. But after taking medicines from Arogyada, the medicines had a MIRACLE effect on me. I used to always have body pain, depression and I was an arthritic patient. But its been 6 months I am on medication and it has helped me a lot. I have also started with regular 1 hour walk, no body pain and I have started feeling more healthier and happier than ever. Thank you so much.. Arogyada came as blessing in my life.

Mr C. S Laturkar

Dr archana

Homoeopathy is a form of treatment which I follow for all ailments. It takes a little time but it eradicates it from the root. Arogyada treats patients with great dedication and confidence. I have had excellent results from homoeopathic treatment and recommend it to all my friends, family and patients as well.

Dr. Archana Prithani
(M.D.S Conservative dentist and Endodontist)
Mrs swati

My daughter Kayra 3 year old is being treated byArogyada for her cough and cold treatment.. The homoeopathic medicines work best for her. Thanks to Arogyada homoeopathy clinic for excellent results

Mrs. Swati Shah
(Interior Designer)
Heta bavaria

Since past 3 years I am taking homoeopathy medicines from Arogyada clinic and I am so satisfied with the medicines and the results. The treatment that I have undergone is tremendous. The results are really unexpected. Not only medicines have helped me to cure internally but has also really helped me to heal my skin problems for which I am so happily satisfied.

Ms. Heta Bavaria
(Free lancer into events)

Giving all my unsuccessful efforts to Allopathy, for the allergies and sensitive body it had been such a distressing part of my life. I was fortunate enough to find homeopathy following the breakdown on my rough life. Slowly but thoroughly from the roots homeopathy began to clear up. It helped me get through my depression, my immunity strengthening, lots more beyond. The best part is it opposes to traditional medicines such as antibiotics. I find homeopathy incredibly useful for keeping me healthy. It has also helped me stay passionate about 100% natural health and wellbeing and believe that it's so valuable for people to take responsibility for their health and to try natural approach. It is incredible - just like a miracle.

Richa Thakkar
(MD, M.Sc.( Neuroscience), M.S. (Astronomy), PhD (Quantum Physics), PhD (Cosmology.))

We highly recommend Arogyada clinic for the level of proficiency. We have approached them numerous times to get proper consultation and results on various problems. Their one on one interaction with us helped them to study and analyze the root cause of illness. It offers versatality of dealing with various degree of illness at different stages ranging from psychological to hereditary diseases.

Mrs. Heena Bulsara


I have been giving homoeopathy medicines to both my kids prescribed by Dr. Khushboo Murarka. My elder child Sara Agrawal is 7yrs old and for her I have been consulting Dr. Khushboo Murarka for last 5 years. Similarly for my son Shobith (5yrs) , Dr Khushboo has been prescribing medicines since he was 6 months of age. Her medicines suit and work well on my kids and has helped in increasing their immunity. Her mediciation is easily available and has no side effects. I would love to recommend her to others too.

Mrs Namrata Agrawal

Vadodara, Gujarat

Me, my wife and 2 kids have been consulting Dr. Khushboo for more than 10 years now. Be it in India or when we were living overseas, her treatments have always been very effective for us. With homeopathy, its important that the doctor takes time to understand your complete case history and minute details of your life for the medicine to be effective and this is exactly what makes Dr. Khusboo so effective. Her passion for homeopathy combined with her compassion for her patients is what makes her treatment show results so soon. Thanks doc for always being there and for keeping our family healthy.

Sachin Jain
(Future World Designs)

We approached Arogyada homoeopathic clinic for my son for his speech delay. He was 3 years old and was not even saying mamma and pappa. We have received very good counselling from Arogyada and homoeopathic medicine really working for my son. Just within a month he learned so many words and day by day we are noticing lot of improvement in his speech. I am very thankful and really appreciate Arogyada for such a great help. We are so lucky to get this service. I would advise everyone to try homoeopathic from Arogyada if you have any problem in your life.

Khushboo Champaneri

I am having baby boy nearly about one and half year old who was suffering from constipation, "SASNI" & FEVER since last few months when it got severe we consulted Dr Ankita Marjadi of Arogyada Clinic for homoeopathy treatment. After getting consultation from Doctor of Arogyada Clinic I found it that the approach to probing my explanations for greater depth and understanding of my keywords and experiences really got me thinking. So thought provoking, so interesting And ultimately so helpful in creating a new level of personal understanding of how to tackle with my child's diseases. Not only that even after my pregnancy I faced hormonal changes , menstrual problem and constipation with which I was totally frustrated and her treatment helped me a lot not only with medicines but also with her very helpful guidance. I felt fantastic, energetic and clear minded with real spring in my steps and smile on my face! Thank you Arogyada Clinic . I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity to explore my and my child's health with you.

Tanvi Simit Mapara

I have taken homoeopathic medicine from Dr. Ankita for my son. He was having coughing since long time. After taking medicine from Dr. Ankita for 3-month only n my son is completely alright. His immunity also improved.

Dr. Krupa Shah
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