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Do's and Don't's of Rainy Season

June 02, 2017


To start with let’s make a list of Do’s and Don’ts’s of Rainy Season:

Do’s of Rainy Season:
1. If you get wet, take shower immediately as rain water contains acids which are harmful for the skin. This will also protect you from infections.
2. Keep your house clean and pest-free. Make sure that there is no waterlogging in your house as it is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria.
3. Increase your intake of vitamin C to help build resistance against infections and diseases.
4. Fruits and vegetables must be consumed only after washing them thoroughly with water.
5. Consume fresh, homemade food.
6. Drink plenty of water to overcome dehydration.
7. Follow basic hygiene: Teach kids to cover their mouth while coughing and frequently washing hands, particularly before and after meals. Instruct them against touching their eyes, nose and mouth as germs enter from these means.
8. Dry your feet when they get wet.
9. Use a good insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away.
10. Wash your hands at regular intervals, especially when you come from outside.
11. Clothing is very important. Always, carry an umbrella with you. Though the weather gods might be smiling when you leave, the weather can change in an instant. It’s always better to be prepared than get caught in a downpour, which ruins your clothes and your mood. Also, wear light and airy clothing, and avoid shoes that retain water, as fungal infections tend to be on a high this time of the year.
12. For your daily exercise routine try simple stretch exercises, sit-ups, yoga, etc. at home, if you can’t go out due to rain.
13. Use a moisturizer to protect your skin from getting dehydrated.
14. Use stronger disinfectants: Simply add one cap of Dettol while mopping floor or cleaning the table. Invest in a hand sanitizer
15. Relaxed sleep: Ensure that you get enough sleep and you are well rested. Stress weakens immunity and is likely to make us more vulnerable to seasonal changes. 


Don’ts’s of rainy Season:

1. Do not enter an air-conditioned room with wet hair and damp clothes as this can lead to a viral fever or cold and cough.
2. Avoid spending too much time in the rain. With the sun beating down all summer, Monsoon is probably the most welcomed season in India. You can see little kids splashing around, the beautiful rainbows which occur, and that amazing smell of wet earth which pervades everything around you. However, try to avoid spending too much time outdoors, as this is also a season of infections. As soon as you reach home, change out of your wet clothes. If you’re stuck inside the house and utterly bored, take out a board game and make a hot cup of tea with some pakodas, and bring the entire family together!
3. Asthma or diabetic patients should not stay close to wet or damp walls as it leads to the growth of fungus and can be especially harmful.
4. Don’t touch your face with your dirty hands as there is every chance of the flu virus to enter through the eyes, nose and mouth.
5. Since street food is not always prepared in the most hygienic of conditions, it is a good idea to stay away from it during rainy season. Infections tend to multiply during this time, so try and keep your health as much in check as possible.
6. Avoid close contact with people who have cold, cough or flu.
7. Do not wear wet shoes. Keep an alternate pair handy.

Let’s switch on the food. The food which are recommended and not recommended during Rainy season:


Homoeopathy has beautiful results in ailments from changing weather.
So we have come up with a small kit which can be handy to you during rainy seasons.


⦁    Cold: This medicine will help you when you catch cold during Rainy infected easily. This season. It is made in such a way that people from all age groups can take it. For the doses you can get in touch with us.
⦁    Cough: This medicine will help you in cough due to change in weather. This is also helpful for people of all age groups and can be taken by contacting us for doses.
⦁    Indigestion: During rainy season your stomach is prone to get medicine will help you fight the stomach infection and give you a healthy stomach.
⦁    Ear pain: Due to soaking in the rain may people get ear infection. This causes ear pain. This medicine will help you with the acute ear infection and will help you with the pain as well.

Besides this we also give a regular immunity building medicine so that you don’t fall sick with every change of weather. The changes in weather are inevitable and so is the onset of diseases around. What we can do is boost our immunity levels so that we can our body is resistant to disease. 
We have special medicines for children to increase their immunity as they suffer the most during change of weather. The kid’s immunity is focused during such times and medicines are given according to it.

Homoeopathic medicines are safe, nontoxic and has no side effects. Say Hi to a better and healthy you through homoeopathy.

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Dr ankita

Dr. Ankita Marjadi


June 02, 2017
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