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Dr ankita
Dr. Ankita Marjadi
B.H.M.S, C.C.H.
Advanced diploma in Psychotherapy.
Diploma in Counselling.
Reg. No. G-15820
Dr khushboo
Dr. Khushboo Murarka
B.H.M.S, C.C.H.
Reg. No. 45034

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to restore the sick to health by inspiring hope and providing personal care and counselling to every patient through integrated clinical practise and research."

Know us better :
Arogyada is a joint venture of Dr. Ankita Marjadi and Dr. Khushboo Murarka. We have done our Bachelors in Homoeopathy and Surgery from Nagpur. One thing which is common between us is our innate love and passion for homoeopathy. We are dynamic, well read and have been practicing homoeopathy since 10 years now. We have been treating patients both in India and abroad. Our medicines have also been send across the globe in countries like U.S.A, Germany, London, Australia and New Zealand to name a few.

We aim to deliver best of our services with best of our knowledge. It was our dream to reach people pan India and abroad. They say it correctly for those who aspire, Sky is the Limit. We had an itch to cure, to reach to people so that we can take them out of their sufferings. The online clinic was the best option which would work for patients both far and abroad. Thanks to the modern day technologies, patient and we are just a click away.

We are happy to be available to those who need us. We have been constantly updating ourselves with the latest up comings in our field. We have been actively participating with the pioneers of homoeopathy in India to make sure that we are able to carry the light of homoeopathy to places. We believe in the axiom that with the correct dedication, determination and devotion we will be able to help the community at large. Satisfied and happy patients are our constant inspiration to work ahead and expand our horizons through this website.

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